Why Choose a Saltwater Pool Over Chlorine?

While costlier than chlorine swimming pools, saltwater pools offer many attractive benefits. Not only do saltwater pools have significantly lower chemical intensity than a chlorine pool, but they also require less maintenance. The water is gentler on swimmers’ skin and has a surprisingly low salt content.

At BlueHaven Pools & Spas we encourage our customers to be educated on all of the benefits of the type of pool they wish to buy. We have mapped out the top benefits of saltwater pools and how they work to aid in making your pool selection.

What is a Saltwater Pool?

Don’t confuse the salinity of a saltwater pool with the saltiness of ocean water. Saltwater pools have only a tenth of the salinity of seawater. Saltwater pools are also not completely chlorine-free. The major difference between a saltwater pool and a chlorine pool is that saltwater pools create their own chlorine through a chemical process called electrolysis, so the chlorine does not need to be directly added to the water. This lowers the levels of chlorine in the pool water, decreasing the amounts of chemicals while still ensuring the pool is clean and safe to swim in. 

Lower Chlorine Levels

When a pool runs on saltwater, the water runs through a chlorine generator, which changes the saltwater into chlorine, a process that helps keep the pool clean. Because the water begins as saltwater, however, it only makes as much chlorine that is necessary for the pool, so there is significantly less than in a pool run strictly on chlorine chemicals.

Due to the lower levels of chlorine, not only does the pool water not smell like chlorine chemicals, but the water has a softer feel. Saltwater pools moisturize the skin opposed to drying it out, and can provide some natural relief to muscular complaints.  Compared to chlorine, saltwater is easier on the eyes, hair, and skin.

Studies have shown that pools heavy in chlorine can cause long-term health risks. Having a saltwater pool can eliminate the task of having to handle the hazardous chemicals that a chlorine-water pool needs to operate.

Low Maintenance

One of the most common reasons buyers choose a saltwater pool over a chlorine pool is they require significantly less maintenance. Chlorine pools must be tended to often, or green algae will grow in the water. Saltwater pool systems have the capability of automatically cleaning the pool water, so all the owner needs to do is routine cleaning such as vacuuming.

Because of this, owning a saltwater pool means fewer trips to the pool store for maintenance items or chemicals, saving you time and money.

BlueHaven Tulsa proudly installs saltwater pools to be enjoyed all summer long. For more information about the benefits of owning a saltwater pool, or for a consultation, contact us today.