The Pool Construction Step-by-Step Timeline

Once you have chosen to build a pool and picked your contractor, the building process can officially begin. However, the pool building process can be long, and it’s good to familiarize yourself with the timeline so you have an idea of how it’s done and the time that it takes.

We have compiled a basic timeline of the entire pool construction process, so that you can follow along with your contractors from start to finish.

Step 1: Project Design

This first step is to determine what you are wanting out of a pool. You will meet with a contractor and discuss your landscape layout, pool dimensions, and positioning. From this meeting, your contractor can create a full blueprint and a proposed cost for you.

Step 2: Permits

Moving forward, your contractor will work to obtain the permits for utility, gas, and supplementary permits. This will ensure that all the plans for your new pool comply with local and state codes.

Step 3: Layout and Excavation

Once all plans and permits have been approved, the pool elevation can be set and lined out. After that, the excavation process can begin. During this process, the pool walls are trimmed back and the depth is dug in.

Step 4: Structure and Rough Plumbing

Next, the pool shell is reinforced with steel, and the rough planning is done. This includes the installation of the drains and skimmers.

The Pool Construction Step-by-Step Timeline

Step 5: Pool Flooring and Tile

At this time, the pool flooring will be installed. At Blue Haven Pools, our pools are gunite, a combination of sand and cement. Gunite pools have significant structural strength, so this flooring is built to last.

Once the gunite has been placed, you can choose a tile for your pool. There are many colors and textures that you can choose from to fit your personal style.

Step 6: Final Plumbing

The finalization of the plumbing for your pool will happen once the flooring and tile is complete, ensuring that your pool has quality circulation and filtration. Proper plumbing keeps the pool water clean all summer long, and all piping will be installed and tested at this time.

Step 7: Setting up Equipment and Electric

Your contractor will then set up the filtration equipment for the pool, including the water pumps. After that, it is time for an electrician to run the pool lights and the pool equipment power for the first time. The pool heater should also be run at this time if you have one. This will ensure that the electric is safe for everyday use.

Step 8: Deck Layout

Your pool’s deck can define the entire design of your landscape and pool area. Now that your pool’s filtration and electric are set up, it is safe for the deck to be installed. You can install a wood deck, but brick and concrete are also popular options.

Step 9: Cleaning Up and Finish

Now that the deck is completed, it is safe to clean up the construction site of all scrap materials. The pool interior is then coated with your choice of finish and can finally be  filled with water.

Step 10: Start Up

Once your pool is full, a technician will check your pool and all equipment one final time. You will then be trained on everyday maintenance operations, and your pool will be ready and safe to swim in.

Pool construction can be a long process, but at Blue Haven Pools, we make it seamless for you. For more information on how we can help you set up your pool, contact us today.