The Healing Power of Spas

A black and white photo of a spa with lounge chairs

In ancient times Romans would travel to a tiny Belgian town named “Spa” to reportedly drink from the mineral waters there that were rich in iron. It was thought that several illnesses could be treated by the waters in Spa. 

Today anyone can have “Spa” in their backyard or home. And while the benefits are different, they are also similar. A spa can help keep you healthy in several ways. 

Sleep Better

Sleep is very important to wellness and many people struggle with sleep problems, but a few minutes in a spa hot tub can help soothe the body and prepare you for a great night’s sleep. Sink yourself in about an hour before your scheduled bed time (you do have a scheduled bed time, don’t you?) and once you’re done go right to the bedroom and reduce distractions. Put away the screens (TVs, computers, tablets, cell phones), flip on some soothing music and turn down the lights. Follow that routine and you’ll be getting the sleep you need on a nightly basis. 

Reduce Stress

Many health issues are caused or exacerbated by stress. Most of us are living busy lives filled with expectations and responsibilities that can seem overwhelming at times. Unfortunately we’ll also face stressful life situations that can cause anxiety, such as divorce, loss of a loved one, serious health issues, family problems, and more. A spa hot tub can be a retreat where you escape from the stress to do something critical to your own health and well-being. Try to schedule some time to use your spa by yourself as a tranquil treatment for any stress you’re carrying with you. Allow yourself to relax your entire body in the spa hot tub — concentrate on relaxing your shoulders and your neck, breath purposefully and calm your heart rate. Try to empty your mind of any thoughts of what might be causing stress. You’ll be amazed at how good your body and mind will feel if you can reduce stress. 

Relieve Sore Muscles

Water is a wonderful healing treatment for sore muscles. All of us get some aches and pains now and again, whether it’s from the effects of aging or from exercise or an injury. Of course, be sure to see your physician if you have a serious problem or are concerned with a consistent strain or pain.

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