The 5 Best Pool Smartphone Apps

man staring at phone while looking at pool

Did you know that your smartphone doesn’t have to be used just for communication? Your smartphone can help maintain your pool or hot tub! From turning on pool lights, adjusting the temperature, or even checking the chlorine levels, it seems the possibilities of pool maintenance are endless!

Below we’ll highlight the five best pool smartphone apps to control and maintain your pool or hot tub, and one we think everyone should have – especially if they have little ones running around.  



The iAquaLink app from Zodiac Pool Systems is the perfect app to control your pool. By creating or logging into an iAquaLink account, users will be able to change their pool or spa temperatures, lights, filter pump, and more from their smartphone, tablet, or the Zodiac website.

This app is available for free in the iTunes Store and Google Play.


AquaConnect by Hayward is a complete pool management system. The system includes a home automation component, home network, web-based platform, and an app. The AquaConnect app, which can be used on an iPhone or iPad, allows users to adjust deck or yard lights, filter, heater, and much more.   

This app is available for free in the iTunes Store and Google Play.


Pool Doctor

The doctor is in! (The pool doctor that is.) This app is great for calculating chemical readings, shock calculations, and treatments for a pool owner’s specific pool shape and size. Pool Doctor is also able to change reading results to pounds, ounces, grams, kilograms, liters, gallons, and even scoops.

This app is available for $9.99 in the iTunes Store

Pool Cloud

The Pool Cloud app is one of the easiest apps around. Their step-by-step instructions with video tutorials, chemical calculations, and maintenance reminders are just a few things we love about it! The best part is that this app supports pools and hot tubs.

This app is available for free in the iTunes Store.


Swim by American Red Cross

If you’ve got kiddos, especially on the younger side, listen up. The Swim app by the American Red Cross is not your typical swimming pool app. The purpose is to promote water safety in various ways, including a progress tracker for a child’s swimming lessons, videos and charts for proper swimming techniques, water safety information, and more. What else can it do? Users can share their child’s achievements on social media.

This app is available for free in the iTunes Store and Google Play.

There you have it: those are the 5 best smartphone apps to control or maintain your swimming pool. We won’t judge if you’ve already downloaded any (or all) of these apps. For any additional swimming pool or hot tub maintenance questions, give our team at Blue Haven Tulsa a call today.