Swimming Pool Safety Devices

A raft and life jacket on a chevron background

Swimming pools are a great way for your family and friends to beat the heat this summer without leaving the comfort of your own home, but certain precautions need to be taken.  Whether you’re taking a belly flop from the diving board or playing Marco Polo, it is important to stay safe and prevent accidents and injuries.  Most accidental drownings occur in backyard swimming pools.

According to the Centers For Disease Control (CDC), from 2005-2009 an average of 3,533 fatal drownings occurred, meaning about ten people die from accidental drowning every day.  This ranks fifth among leading causes of unintentional injury deaths in the United States.  An even more alarming fact is among the nearly ten people who die daily from accidental drowning, two are children aged 14 or younger.  More than 50 percent of drowning victims treated in emergency situations require hospitalization or transfers for further care.  Even non-fatal accidental drowning cases can cause severe brain damage or long-term disability.

How can you keep your family and friends safe in your in ground or above ground swimming pools?

Complete CPR Training

For most families who own swimming pools, it is probably not reasonable or logical to hire a lifeguard, but it is plausible to be trained in CPR.  You can take a CPR training class through any local hospital or community education program.  Attending a one-time class for a few hours may just save a life when a swimming pool accident occurs.

Pool Alarms

Any parent knows the importance of keeping an eye on their children, especially the young ones.  However, sometimes little ones can escape our watchful eye.  When this happens, give yourself some extra added security with pool alarms.  Whether you choose to install door alarms or motion detectors, you will gain added peace of mind knowing your children and pets are safe.  Special wristbands or collars sound an alarm when children or even pets are immersed in water.

Safety Covers

You can choose from solid or mesh covers to protect children or pets from falling in the pool.  As an added benefit, covers make it easier for you to enjoy a clean pool during the summer by keeping it safe from dirt, grass and other debris that leads to murky water.

Skamper Ramp for Pets

Even Fido likes to stay cool in the pool, so make it easier for him to find his own way out of the pool with a Skamper Ramp.  Fido can climb out of the pool on his own using a ramp that will not yellow, become scummy or grow barnacles or mildew/algae.


Keep children from climbing into an above ground pool with fencing that circles the edge of your pool.  Separate inground pools from your home with fencing that acts as a barrier to keep your children away from the pool when you’re not there to supervise.  A lock on the gate will provide you peace of mind that your children will not be able to access your pool without you being present.

Life Jackets

No matter how many swimming lessons you give your young children, you can never truly be sure they will be safe in your pool.  Keep little ones safe by enforcing a life jacket rule in the pool.