Swimming Pool Buyers’ Guide

Most of us will buy a few cars in our lifetime, and many of us will also buy a home or two. But you probably never thought about the process of buying a pool, or at least few people have. It’s most likely a once-in-a-lifetime purchase. Here’s a guide to buying a pool, step-by-step:

Why do you want a pool?

Before spending a penny you need to decide why you want a pool in the first place. Do you wish to add a pool for your young family to enjoy? Are you trying to add value to your home? Maybe you want a pool to entertain friends and family or to give yourself a place to exercise and relax. 

Make sure you identify the reason or reasons you want a pool so you can determine whether a pool is a wise investment. If you’re thinking seriously about getting a pool you’ll probably find that adding one is a good idea, it will add value to your home, it’s a wonderful way to provide hours of enjoyment for your family, and it’s a healthy option. Once you figure out why you want a pool, it will help you with step #2.  

Select your type of pool 

Starting with the basics there are two choices: in-ground pools or above-ground pools. What fits best for your needs and also the home that you have? How much room do you have in your yard, do you have a lot of trees that you want to preserve or will you need to remove some? How much do you wish to spend on landscaping and how much space do you have for a deck or rocks, waterfall, or spa or jacuzzi? 

In-ground pools are more expensive because of the cost for excavation and labor, but they are a great investment that can add to the value of your home. An in-ground pool can be built in nearly any shape or configuration so it can fit into al most any type of available space. An above-ground pool is more affordable and easier to maintain.  

Secure financing 

Once you’ve determined the type of pool you’d like, work with your lender to secure financing. It’s a good idea to research a few options. Many pool builders offer financing and that may be a good option as well, but be sure to look at the interest rates. A financial institution may deem a swimming pool as an improvement of your dwelling and the cost may be added to your existing mortgage payment. 

Choose a builder 

When choosing a builder make sure to find out:

  • How long they have been building swimming pools
  • Whether they are licenses or not. Only work with licensed pool builders
  • What sort of pools they specialize in
  • If they work with sub-contractors or do they do the work themselves
  • Determine what sort of warrantee they offer and what it specifically covers
  • Ask for references and speak to customers in your community who have bought a pool from them

Having a pool installed or built involves a lot of work and time, you want to be comfortable with the builder you choose, so choose wisely. 

Work with the builder 

Don’t sign the contract and disappear. You want to be involved in the process by asking questions, ensuring that the pool contractor is adhering to the timelines, and making decisions when they are necessary. Make sure the contractor uses the materials they promised to use, be certain that the design is precisely what you contracted for, and demand that you receive communication on any delays or obstacles. Your pool builder should be willing to keep you informed during the process. 

For more questions on the pool buying process, contact a specialist at Blue Haven Pools & Spas in Oklahoma City.