Special Features That Will Turn Your Pool into a Backyard Oasis

two children playing by the pool

At Blue Haven, we take pride in the aesthetic design of our pools. The best pool designs incorporate functional purpose to create a backyard space that not only looks amazing, it also serves the personal needs of each of our customers.

Whether you want to use your pool to entertain your family and friends or want a quiet place to escape and relax, we aim to create the right ambiance for your unique needs. Incorporating custom-designed special features into your pool is the perfect way to turn a simple concept into a backyard oasis. 

Pool Shape

To determine which pool shape is right for you, consider your personal taste, the shape and size of your yard, how much patio space you would like to have, and if you would like to incorporate a hot tub or spa. There are three main pool shapes to choose from. Classic pools can be rectangular with sharp or rounded corners. Free form pools, on the other hand, have a more natural-looking shape, much like a small lake or pond. Infinity pools create an optical illusion that the pool has no edge, which works especially well in yards that have a dramatic slope or a beautiful view.

Spa Combinations

If relaxing in your hot tub on a cool autumn night sound like paradise, consider including a hot tub or spa in your initial pool design. Not only is it relaxing, but it allows you to enjoy your backyard well into the cooler months. Hot tubs and spas should be an extension of the overall pool designs, so ask your pool designer what elements you can use to make your hot tub unique, like a waterfall ledge, LED lighting, or an infinity edge.

Tiling and Stone Detail

Blue Haven’s pool designers work with custom materials including tile, stone, and brick to create a cohesive look and feel for your backyard. Tiling can draw attention to other special features like staircases, elevated spas, decorative edging, and water features. Stone creates a natural look and feel for your patio space. It can also be used to enhance water features, stone walkways, steep ledges, and alcoves.

Water Features

Water features add movement and depth to your backyard oasis. For family fun, add high-arching fountains for the kids to play under, or a tall waterfall to act as a diving board. Other water features include fountains, natural stone waterfalls, grottos, and contemporary cascades, which add the calming sound of flowing water to your backyard space.


Lighting is key to customizing your backyard space. It highlights other special features like fountains, waterfalls, decorative steps, and ledges. Lighting can be soft and natural or colorful LEDs, depending on what kind of ambiance you want for your pool. It also allows you to enjoy your pool at night, for late night pool parties or a relaxing evening in the hot tub.


Finally, landscaping can be utilized to tie together your pool design and your backyard. Choosing the right plants and layout is crucial to creating a backyard space that flows seamlessly together in both design and utility. Landscaping can provide privacy, nature, and a stylish touch to your perfect backyard oasis.

To learn more about which special features are right for your pool, contact our team at Blue Haven Pools and Spas to speak with a professional pool designer today.