Swim in crystal-clear water with a natural process called ozonation that drastically cuts the level of chlorine needed in your pool. Used to maintain pool water at top spas, hotels, and the Olympics, ozonation is also a chosen method for helping purify bottled water and the tap water in major cities such as LA, Dallas, and Las Vegas.

Thousands of pool owners nationwide rely on Blue Haven’s SmartPure® Ozone Generator for silky, pristine water. Friendlier for your family, pets, and the environment, proper use with the Mineral Cartridge results in needing up to:

80% less chlorine                 90% fewer clarifiers

90% less shock treatment      95% less algaecide

Suitable even for large, commercial pools, Blue Haven’s powerful SmartPure® system makes ozone effective and affordable every day for residential swimming needs. Without the usual chemical loads, water is remarkably soft on your skin and incredibly clear—glistening with the same kind of brilliance as a mountain stream. Above all, you won’t have to contend with stinging red eyes, itchy skin, and stiff, faded swimsuits, or inhaling those awful bleach-like fumes!

The SmartPure® ozone difference: With minimal chlorine, your pool’s interior finish will last longer as will manicures, hair perms, relaxers, color treatments, and results from skin bronzers and sunless tanning products.