SmartFlow™ JetSystem™

A Revolution in Pool Efficiency & Savings

Take circulation & cleaning to unsurpassed levels! Blue Haven’s breakthrough SmartFlow™ technology helps any automatic, roving pool cleaner achieve excellent results faster.

It works even in hard-to-reach areas in both your pool and spa, and it dramatically improves the distribution of heat, chemicals, and freshly purified, filtered water. That means you can swim in a warm, crystal-clear pool with less expense, less chlorine, and less energy use!

The key to the system lies in its ability to create targeted, powerful water flow in all the right places. A series of patented nozzle heads concentrate “return” water into arrays of high-velocity directional jets, each targeting a specific surface area for cleaning. It’s like having two dozen return lines at work vs. the typical two to four.

Blue Haven’s nationally exclusive SmartFlow™ has carved out an entirely distinct product category in the pool industry—delivering benefits that will save you money.