Automation in the palm of your hand

Take pool control as far as it can go—right into the water! Activate heat, spa jets, lighting, waterfalls & more from a wireless, 100%-waterproof command center that you can hold in your hand. This state-of-the-art remote does everything and goes everywhere, and that means you can control your backyard resort while inside the house, around the pool area, or even in the water.

Imagine your pool & landscape lighting automatically turning on as the sun goes down. How about firing up the spa—while sitting inside at the dinner table—so that it’s just the right temperature when you’re ready to jump in. And wouldn’t it be great if the pump and filtration cycles automatically ran during off-peak hours to save on utility costs.

Complete programming of automatic functions makes operation a snap; a single touch of a button turns pool & spa features on and off–individually or as a group. For example, you can tailor your own private “spa” program so that a single key turns your spa jets, heat, and lighting selection on and off.

Unlike some pool-automation systems, SmartControls™ ability is not limited by line-of-sight: By using advanced technology, this system ensures reliable, secure operation over distances of up to 500 feet—up to 200 feet through most walls.