SmartBrite Color Quartz Finish

Give your pool a distinctive interior finish that’s unmatched in looks and durability. Blue Haven’s SmartBrite®—made with a select blend of ceramic quartz aggregate—will accentuate your pool’s interior with a gleaming, slip-resistant, long-lasting surface.

Compared to many pebble-type finishes, SmartBrite® will feel smooth and even on your family’s feet, and you won’t experience those annoying snags on your swimsuit or pock-like skin indentations.

True to its color, the quartz in SmartBrite® resists chemicals, erosion, and ultraviolet deterioration. It won’t show stains, and it’s easy to clean. Your Blue Haven designer will explain the SmartBrite® material warranty and also provide actual samples so that you can see—and feel—your color options.

Beyond a handsome interior, SmartBrite® color quartz finish puts old-fashioned plaster pool finishes to shame with its impressive longevity.