Poolside: Music To Enjoy at the Swimming Pool

A man by the pool, listening to music

These tunes are perfect for the next time you’re partying at the pool or even if you’re by yourself lying on the deck chair catching rays.

Brown Eyed Girl by Van Morrison

One of the most-covered pop songs of the last 40 years, Van Morrison’s “Brown Eyed Girl” is an upbeat nostalgic love song with a Jamaican Calypso feel to it. It’s a staple of classic rock stations and it’s bound to get your toe tapping in our out of the swimming pool.

The Sound of Sunshine by Michael Franti and Spearhead

Can sunshine make a sound? It sure feels like it when you wrap yourself inside a wonderfully warm and sunny summer day, doesn’t it? This song will make you smile.

Every Day is a Holiday by Alex Mercier

Oh if only it were true, sweet-sounding Mr. Mercier. If only every day was actually a holiday.

Mr. Blue Sky by Electric Light Orchestra

From the opening drum-drum-drum beat of this 1970s track from Beatles-inspired ELO to the electric guitar riffs and symphonic harmonies, you’ll be drawn in. “Hey there Mr. Blue, we’re so pleased to be with you…look around see what you do…everyone smiles at you.” Introduce your kids to ELO, they’ll be hooked by the whimsical electronic pre-disco dance tunes.

Heaven by Rusted Root

This underrated band has carved their own place in the alternative scene with a special fusion of Latin, African, and Native American inspired music. How do you classify them? They’re rock, acoustic, world beat, and heavy on percussion. “Heaven” is one of their softer songs but it has a hook line that will grab you. And how can you not love a song with these alliterative lyrics: “Oh dear, look at the birds in play (play-y); It’s twice we’ve tangled our strings today (today-y). Dunk your toys into the sky, into the sun our kites will fly. Oh dear, look at the birds in play (play-y).”?

Island In The Sun by Weezer

Off their comeback “Green Album”, this Weezer tune was all over the radio in the summer of 2001, serving as a sort of anthem for the pre-September 11th innocence of that time. It’s punchy and ear-popping, like most of the pop songs from this quartet from Los Angeles.

Constellations by Jack Johnson

The soft strings of Johnson’s guitar are featured on this song that takes place by the water at sunset. Oh and there’s Johnson’s tender voice too.

Love Shack by The B52’s

Get the party started with this hit from the new wave pop star band from Georgia. Guaranteed to make the “whole place shimmy.”

In The Summertime by Mungo Jerry

This British pop group hit it big unexpectedly in 1970 with this light-hearted do-what-you-like ditty. Don’t literally follow the instructions in this song, (Drink and Drive), but do follow the mantra of “Life’s for living…”

California Girls by The Beach Boys

If this doesn’t get you excited about diving in the pool, nothing will. Make sure to invite some California girls to your party.

Mansard Roof by Vampire Weekend

Fueled by the understated vocals of lead man Ezra Koenig, Vampire Weekend is a Grammy-winning band from New York City. So what do they know about mansard roofs (a French architectural invention)? Who cares, the song is fun.

Here Comes The Sun by The Beatles

With bandmates with the songwriting chops of John Lennon and Paul McCartney, poor George Harrison was frequently overshadowed. But when he was thrown his typical two songs for each album, he often produced a hit. “Here Comes The Sun” is one of the most endearing and well-crafted Beatles tunes ever released, and no less an authority than Frank Sinatra called it “the best pop song ever written.” Somehow George manages to simultaneously sound like John and Paul on this hit, which is one of the most covered songs in rock history.

Lovely Day by Bill Withers

Very possibly the best R&B singer/songwriter of the 1960s and 1970s, Withers always brings his sweet soulful sound to his music. Lovely Day is not one if his songs that has stayed in the public eye (unlike the rhythm and blues anthems Lean On Me and Just the Two Of Us), but it’s a great mellow tune for relaxing on the pool deck. Do yourself a favor and download his greatest hits album right now.

Time Of The Season by The Zombies

Another British band (what is it about the Brits and summertime?). The Zombies hit the charts with several songs in the 1960s, this one in 1968. It features spooky-cool vocals from lead man Colin Blunstone, a signature bass riff, hands claps, dusty background “ahhhh” vocal tracks, and psychedelic pop cords. Relive the Summer of Love poolside.

Happy by Pharrell

A chart-topping songwriter already, Pharrell hit #1 as a performer/songwriter with this 2014 song that won an Oscar for original soundtrack. It’s pretty much impossible to listen tot his song without “clapping along” and shaking your hips. Try.