Poolside: Essential Gadgets To Use at the Swimming Pool

Poolside: Essential Gadgets To Use at the Swimming Pool

This is the third in a series about how to enjoy your swimming pool, from reading choices to lights and speakers. Last time, we looked at Furniture for Lounging By the Side of the Pool.

Here are several gadgets that are fun and safe to use when you’re enjoying a day at the swimming pool or for the next time you have an awesome pool party.

FUGOO Sport Speakers

There are so many great features on this speaker that we could write an entire blog post about them. The FUGOO Sport speakers are waterproof (of course) but they also have built-in bluetooth and sport mounts that enable you to place them practically anywhere (and we mean anywhere)> This is cool, but it’s also practical — keep your iPod or other audio device stored in a dry spot and let the speakers hang out nearby, even on the pool deck playing your favorite tunes. The sound is great too, the speakers have six symmetrically-situated sound delivery systems, providing the low bass, the crisp treble, and everything else your ears love in 360-degree sound (four speakers, one to a side). The speakers have a 40-hour battery life so you won’t have to interrupt the pool dance party at all. If that wasn’t awesome enough, the FUGOO works with Apple’s Siri and Google Now, which means you can use voice commands to play music, get sports scores or weather reports, and more. That’s just plain cool.

Eco Terra Waterproof Floating Boombox

Read that title again. A “floating boombox?” Are you kidding me? Who wouldn’t want that? This is for people who must have their music bobbing in the swimming pool with them. This device has two front-facing speakers and runs on batteries that provide 25 hours of life. Put your MP3 player or phone in the waterproof compartment and no need to worry about any damage. Just lay back, float and enjoy your favorite tunes.

Sony Cyber-Shot Digital Camera TX30

Yes, you could take photos with your phone while at your pool party, but if you want clear, high-resolution images you’re better served using a camera like the Sony Cyber-Shot. It’s very portable (fits in the palm of your hand) but still packs a punch — 18.2 megapixels. Of course it’s waterproof and it also features Magnifying Glass Plus mode to provide detailed close-ups. Grab video from the camera too and because it has shake-resistant technology, don’t worry if the swimming pool action gets a little rough, the camera will keep up.

Ultimate 5-in-1 Pen

For those times when you’re doing your homework or finishing up some business while lounging in a deck chair, this pen is a ballpoint, a stylus, white LED flashlight, ultraviolet light, and a red laser pointer. The pen even has an extendable flexible shaft that allows you to bend the flashlight into hard-to-reach spots. Perfect for when you’re lying on your back reading a paperback. We also know you want to laser-point the freckles on your friend’s back, right?

iPad Air 2

Want to sneak a peek at the latest episodes of your favorite show or see a YouTube clip? Bring along the iPad Air 2 with its slim design and super-powered graphics display. But it’s for more than just consumption, the iPad Air 2 has a nice built-in camera and videocamera, and it can even handle phone calls. This jack-of-all-trades media device is 18% thinner than previous versions and it tips the scales at under a pound. Cover it with a waterproof case and don’t worry about it being stolen – it comes with a signature fingerprinting protection system that allows you to lock it down against intruders and even locate it if someone walks away with it.

Lifeproof Watertight Cases

These sturdy cases for your phone and tablets aren’t just waterproof, they’re dirtproof, snowproof, and shockproof. Um, that’s why they call them lifeproof. Keep water, dirt, and snow out of your mobile device (works with all iThings and most other phones and tablets). Plus, if you should drop your device, no worries, the shockproof case protects against external or internal damage. The cases are designed to withstand drops from more than six feet. Bring your phone or tablet to the pool without any worry.

LithiumCard Hypercharger

Sure you can lug an AC adaptor to the swimming pool if you want, Skeezix. But why not use this tiny but powerful unit you can slide right into your wallet? The thin LithiumCard is a “hyper” charger. Why? Because it restores the battery on your device lightning fast. There’s a version for iPhones, iPads, and iPods, and also a version for most Android phones and tablets. At the size of a credit card and weighing in at less than two of the Oroes you have tucked in your purse, this charger is easy to carry anywhere, even the swimming pool. Never be without your phone or tablet again while lounging near the water.