Pool Party Themes

People in a pool on a floatie

If you’re the one with the pool in the neighborhood, then your house is the place to be! Turn yourself into a super pool party host by having the best theme party ever to kick off the summer this year. Here are a couple of fun ideas to consider.

Beach Blanket Bingo

Take your guests back to a simpler time: the 50’s poolside! Turn your pool into a beach that would make Annette and Frankie say “Cowabunga!”


Use beach towels as table runners. Put the umbrella on your table if you have one. Place lots of striped beach balls and colorful swim floats in the pool. Send the party invitation details written on a rubber swim cap that you have to “bring for admission.”  Have a little fun time where everyone has to wear them! When guests leave, everyone can take a beach ball home. 


For sodas, beers or other cold drinks, fill large sand pails with ice. Sand pails can also be used to hold chips, and a dip can be placed in a sand castle mold beside the chips. If the shovel attached to the sand pail will work as a “serving spoon” for any dish, use it! Have beach ball ice cream sandwiches (sugar cookies iced like beach balls with ice cream in between).

Shark Attack!

The kids won’t have to fear the great white in your pool, but they may get the feel for one!


Have some shark fins floating in the pool and allow each guest to take one home as a memento when they leave. Leave some “scuba gear” scattered around the pool area for kids to utilize: snorkel, flippers, various sizes of goggles, life jackets, etc. Kids love to take pictures, so having some disposable underwater cameras will provide a lot of entertainment and will make some great party memories when the film is developed! 


Have a cake with shark bait in it. Bake two round cakes to stack. Ice them in between, on the sides, and on top with blue icing. Ice the top to look like wave crests.  Place Kit Kat candy vertically around the entire cake like an aquarium enclosure. Place goldfish on top for your shark bait.

Great Food and Drink Ideas for Any Theme

No matter the theme, when you’re the host, you want to keep the party food and drinks simple. In doing so, you’re able to enjoy your own pool party too! Here are a few tips on how to avoid running in and out of the house for refills, so you can have some fun time splashing around with your guests.

  • Use a small inflatable/hard plastic baby pool or a wheelbarrow as a cooler for cold drinks. 
  • If you’re going for an elegant look, put your lemonade or iced tea in a glass pitcher. The night before the party, slice some lemons or strawberries and freeze them. They’ll look great in the pitcher, help keep the drink cold, and add to the flavor of the drink as they melt.
  • Use mason jars to hold straws and plastic utensils. You can even tie bows that have the colors or theme of your party around the jars.
  • Of course, who doesn’t love a little umbrella in their drink? It’s just a fun traditional pool thing, and the kids love it too!

There’s no doubt that guests will have fun if you throw one of these pool parties this summer, but plan well and keep it simple so you can enjoy the party as well!

For more tips on how to enjoy your pool this summer, read more about fooddrinks and music in our Poolside series!