How to Keep Your Inground Spa Clean


Inground spas are an elegant addition to your pool and can extend the use of your outdoor living space through wintertime. While spas are the key to year-round outdoor relaxation, they also require extra maintenance in order to stay useable and safe, and to extend their lifetime.

Over time, hot tubs can collect debris from oils, lotions, and sweat. Cleaning your spa regularly is vital to ensuring that it is enjoyable for years to come. We have outlined some easy steps to follow in order to keep your inground spa clean all year long.

Clean Filter

Begin by removing large debris from the spa by using a net. Once the large debris is removed, pour a spa cleaning product into the filter, and then turn on the jets.

Let the jets run anywhere between 15 and 30 minutes, and change the diverter levers in each position while they are running, to be sure that the cleaner is reaching each jet line. Once this is completed, turn the jets off and let it sit overnight.

Drain and Clean Spa

The next morning, drain the water from your spa. Put on some rubber gloves, and scrub the walls of your spa with spa cleaning product. Remove your filters and either clean them or replace them.

Add Water

Lastly, once the inside of the spa has been cleaned, water can be added back in. Once this has been done, balance and treat the water using the chemicals you would use to clean the rest of your pool.

Proper care of your spa will ensure that it lasts, and keeps the experience safe and sanitary for everyone who uses it. For more information on pool and spa maintenance, refer to our pool maintenance tips infographic