How to Create Poolside Ambiance

How to Create Poolside Ambiance

Whether your pool is a gathering place for your family, a fun destination for your grandkids, or a great party place for all your friends, it is one of the central hubs of your home. Many people feel like they’ve added an entire wing to their home when they build a pool, which inevitably mean lots of outside time. To make the most of that time outdoors, creating the right poolside ambiance is a must. How do you do it? Read on to find out four popular ways to turn your pool area into a true oasis!

Water Features

One of the standout characteristics of resort and high-end hotel pools is often water features. Gracefully shooting fountains or gently cascading waterfalls are not only visually stunning, but they can add texture to the water, making it even more fun for people in the pool. There is no reason that you can’t add your own water feature, and it may just be cheaper than you’d imagine. One popular idea is adding a small waterfall at one end of the pool, trailing down over a wall of river rocks. Fountains are always popular, too. Whether you choose to place the fountain directly in the middle of the pool or at one end, it will provide visual interest, as well as being a fun place for everyone to get a mist of water without being fully drenched. 

Mood Lighting

If you want your pool area to feel cozy and inviting, lighting will help you accomplish that goal. One popular option is fairy lights, strung along the surrounding fence or trees in your yard. These tiny twinkling lights are a smaller version of Christmas tree lights, but they lend charm and elegance to the pool area throughout the year. Want to go with a Hawaiian theme? Try tiki torches, mounted in-ground around the borders of the pool. They give plenty of light as well as adding a unique atmosphere. 

Fire Features

A fire feature is an excellent way to warm the pool area up, both literally and figuratively. A fire pit, outdoor fireplace, or chiminea can be made into a focal point for your outdoor area. Surround the fire feature with cozy chairs, and it will become the most popular spot to lounge before and after taking a dip in the water. Kids can have a great time roasting marshmallows and telling campfire stories after their swim, while adults can revel in the romantic ambience created by the flickering firelight. A standalone chiminea may be the least costly of the fire feature options, but even a full fire pit can be created for a fairly reasonable cost – especially when you consider how often you’ll use it. 

Outdoor Sound

One of the key features of any pool party, whether it’s an intimate gathering or a large party, is music. An outdoor sound system artfully concealed within fake river rocks near the pool is the perfect choice. The sound will be crystal clear and close at hand – and nobody will guess where it’s coming from. 

To make your pool area into a resort-worthy retreat, any (or all) of the features mentioned above would be a great choice. Your pool and outdoor area will be the envy of everyone on the block.

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