Choosing a Pool Contractor in Tulsa

A swimming pool

Blue Haven Pools & Spas is proud to be part of the Tulsa community where we have served many customers and helped make their backyard dreams come true.

Interview several candidates

It’s important to meet with 2-3 pool contractors to get a fair assessment of your options. A swimming pool can be a major investment and you want to limit any guess work and remove any doubts, so take this step seriously. While interviewing the pool contractors ask probing questions: How will they deal with a delay? Who will be your primary contact during the process? Will any subcontractors be used? Consult with friends who have dealt with swimming pool contractors to make a list of common questions. Make sure you bring your spouse or a friend or other family member with you so you can have more than one brain working for you during the interview process.

Choose a Contractor who is licensed and insured

Your pool contractor should be licensed, bonded, and insured — make no exceptions. If they are a serious contractor they will have the proper credentials. Ask if the contractor is a member of any local or regional building or trade organizations. Make sure the project manager is licensed and has experience to perform the duties of their job.

Look at the contractor’s previous work

Ask for examples from each contractor’s portfolio to see what they’re really proud of and capable of. You should also request references from a few of their customers, paying special attention to how the contractor will work with you. Compare the work and references of each contractor you interview: which one seems to take special care in their work? Who seems to have the happiest customers? How does the pool contractor feel about you asking for references? If they are proud of their work they should be willing to pass along a reference from any prior customer.

Pay attention to the proposal

Consider the proposal as the first phase of the project and grade each contractor on how thorough and professional they prepare this document for you. Is it legible and professional? Does the scope of work cover everything you discussed, is the cost within your defined budget? Does it make sense? Ho seriously does the contractor take this process? If they are sloppy here, what does that mean for when they are digging a hole in your backyard? 

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