Advantages of a Concrete Swimming Pool
A swimming pool is an investment that reaps great rewards, both in the value of your home and property, but also in the health and happiness of your family. But what sort of swimming pool should you build? There are three types of inground pools: concrete, fiberglass, and vinyl. Here's a look at the advantages of a concrete swimming pool.
Choosing a Landscaper in Tulsa
So you want to transform your back yard in 2015? Or maybe you finally want to put a pool in and you need a landscaper to do some work first. How do you find a good landscaper in Tulsa?
Best Pool Designs for 2015
It doesn't seem like winter in Tulsa but it is. We may not have a lot of snow and wind, but it's also not nice enough to be in our pools. But we can daydream about our swimming pools or the swimming pool we want.
The Healing Power of Spas
In ancient times Romans would travel to a tiny Belgian town named “Spa” to reportedly drink from the mineral waters there that were rich in iron. It was thought that several illnesses could be treated by the waters in Spa.
Is It Possible To Swim in a Pool Filled with Jello?
Everyone loves crazy science questions. Will a bullet shot in the air hurt you when it comes back to earth? (It probably would.) “What would happen to the rotation of the earth if everyone in the world jumped in the air at once?” (Not much, even if they were all grouped in an area as tightly as possible.)
Tulsa Family Events Guide for November
So you’ve winterized your swimming pool and the backyard is quieting down. Now what? There are lots of great family activities this fall in Oklahoma. Here’s a guide to family-friendly events in and around Tulsa in November.
Swimming Pool Buyers’ Guide
Most of us will buy a few cars in our lifetime, and many of us will also buy a home or two. But you probably never thought about the process of buying a pool, or at least few people have. It’s most likely a once-in-a-lifetime purchase.
What You Should Know If You’re Thinking about Financing a Swimming Pool
It's easy to see why any Oklahoma City area homeowner (or would-be homeowner) would want to think about installing a swimming pool on their property. An increasingly popular trend in home improvement and renovation projects is adding or enhancing outdoor living spaces. With the hot Oklahoma summers, the prospect of relaxing and cooling off in your own backyard swimming pool is incredibly enticing. As anxious as you might be to turn your outdoor area into a resort-like oasis, there are a few impo