How to Create Poolside Ambiance
Whether the pool is a gathering place for the family, a fun destination for grandkids, or a great party place for friends, it is one of the central hubs of the home. To make the most of that time outdoors, creating the right poolside ambiance is a must. How do you do it? Read on to find out four popular ways to turn your pool area into a true oasis!
Hot Tub Maintenance
Much like having a pool, hot tubs aren't just all fun and games - you have to take care of them properly. So what's involved in a good hot tub maintenance plan? We break it down below:
Family Events in Tulsa – Summer 2016
Summer is here and what better way to spend it than at some of the great events in Tulsa and its surrounding communities. From concerts, festivals, arts, culture and sporting events, there’s plenty to see and do while the kiddos are out of school.
Poolside: The Complete Series
Last year, we created a “poolside” blog series that covered everything from books to read poolside, music, food and more. To celebrate summer’s arrival, we turned the series into a handy PDF guide for you to download and enjoy.
Seasonal Inground Pool Maintenance in Oklahoma
An inground pool is a great investment - not only for your property value but in the enjoyment of your home. But like any good investment, it requires upkeep and maintenance. If you maintain a regular schedule in cleaning and checking chemical balances, your pool tasks will take a fairly short amount of time.
Pool Party Themes
If you're the one with the pool in the neighborhood, then your house is the place to be! Turn yourself into a super pool party host by having the best theme party ever to kick off the summer this year. Here are a couple fun ideas to consider.
Seasonal Savings: The Best Time to Buy a Pool in Oklahoma
If you’ve decided to install a pool on your property, the next major decision is to decide when to have it installed. A pool is an extensive construction project that can take a few weeks or a few months, depending on the project, the weather and your needs. Pools can be installed any time of year, but each season has pros and cons.
Tulsa Christmas Events Guide
Pack up the family and celebrate the season by exploring all the holiday events Tulsa has to offer this Christmas! From ice skating to sipping hot coca while taking in one of the many light displays, there are plenty of events that will fill you with holiday cheer.
Prepping Your Hot Tub for Winter
It's getting chilly out there! Jack Frost is going to be nipping at your nose in no time! With winter quickly approaching, it’s time to prepare your spa system for the cold winter nights by draining and flushing your spa. Here are some great tips to maintain your spa for the upcoming frosty nights.
Fire & Water: Combining Elements for a Stunning Backyard
A simple addition of a fire element can cost just a few hundred dollars and completely change the look of your home. This not only makes your yard more pleasant for you and your guests, it can also add value if you decide to sell your home. The following ideas are some inexpensive ways to add a fire or water element to your home so your outdoor living area is just as pleasant as your indoor living space.
Natural Pools: What Are They and Are They Right for You?
First and foremost, natural pools are made by using a membrane that separates the inner workings of the pool and the outside dirt, stones and plant life. It is possible to use the existing landscaping and add waterfalls and flower gardens as well as painted murals that mimic nature. If you can think it, you can build it. There are many images available on the internet that can give you wonderful information and inspiration.
3 Ways to Use Your Hot Tub for Halloween
All Hallows Eve is upon us – a time for trick-or-treating, carving jack-o’-lanterns, exploring haunted houses, lighting bonfires and, of course, costume parties! So on this spooky night, why not add a twist to typical Halloween party by incorporating your hot tub?
Swimming Pool Salt Water Conversion FAQs
You may have heard about salt water systems as a growing alternative for home pool systems. This system uses a special chlorine generator that can cut down on maintenance and related costs, as well as make your pool water less irritating to skin, hair and eyes. In most cases, converting your pool to a salt water system is fairly simple: Here are common questions about the process and what you need to know.
Swimming Pool Safety Devices
Swimming pools are a great way for your family and friends to beat the heat this summer without leaving the comfort of your own home, but certain precautions need to be taken. Whether you’re taking a belly flop from the diving board or playing Marco Polo, it is important to stay safe and prevent accidents and injuries. Most accidental drownings occur in backyard swimming pools.
Benefits of Water Exercise
Many people dismiss water exercise without taking into account the potential benefits it has to offer. The truth is, anyone interested in increasing their personal fitness levels, conditioning their body, boosting heart health, or looking for powerfully effective, low-impact methods of working out, may find water exercises are the most effective in achieving their goals.
Creating a Pool Maintenance Schedule
One of the challenges of owning a swimming pool is the maintenance required to make sure your water remains crystal clear, but it may not be as daunting a task as you think. By following this simple guide you can enjoy your pool all summer long without worrying about bacteria or organic growth building up.
2015 Family Swimsuit Trends
Summer will be here before you know it, making this a perfect time to get new swimwear for everyone in your family. If you don’t want to settle for traditional swimsuits and accessories, go shopping with this year’s trends in mind. You’ll find a great selection of exciting options for you, your spouse and your kids.
Poolside: Drinks to Enjoy
This time our experts look at savory drinks to enjoy at the side of the swimming pool. Not all of them have umbrellas and not all of them have fruit in them, but they’re all very appropriate for the warm weather and lounging.