Breaking Down Pool Costs

Inground Pool with water feature

For many, purchasing an inground pool can be overwhelming due to confusing bills, hidden costs, and ongoing expenses. At Blue Haven Pools & Spas, we want our customers to be financially in-the-know before we ever start construction on a new pool. All of our pricing is completely customized to your specific pool design, yard space, and desired special features. That way you are getting exactly what you pay for, without any hidden fees or surprise costs.

We’ve outlined the full breakdown of costs for purchasing, installing, and maintaining an inground pool in Tulsa to help you prepare for the financial commitment of purchasing a pool from start to finish. 

Blue Haven Custom Pool Features

1. Design and Layout – We customize every pool that we design, which means that the price of your pool will be determined after a specialized pool designer comes to your home to discuss your desired layout and analyze your available space.

2. Tile and Coping – Choose from brick, stone, or tile to customize the outer edge of your pool. All tile and coping is installed by our expert masons and tile-setters to create a seamless look to compliment your entire backyard space.

3. Landscaping and Hardscaping – No backyard oasis is complete without landscaping. The landscaping and hardscaping process can be as simple or elaborate as you desire. In addition to customized gardens and landscaping, this process could include an advanced irrigation system, outdoor kitchen, a pergola or pavilion, landscape lighting, and an outdoor fireplace. The options are endless, and we will ensure that you are aware of custom cost before starting any project.

4. Smart Features – Blue Haven Pools and Spas offers exclusive Smart Features that enhance beauty, comfort, and safety while optimizing water savings and energy efficiency. We recommend the perfect mix of Smart Features to compliment your pool’s design, backyard, and local climate conditions. 

Variables that Effect Inground Pool Cost

Apart from your design choices and desired effects, there are also a few variables that are out of your control that can affect the overall cost of your inground pool installation.

1. Equipment location – The construction team will need a place to store large excavation and construction equipment.

2. Soil condition – The density, hardness, and contents of your soil can impact the construction process of your pool and require additional work if they are not ideal conditions.

3. Irrigation system – If your existing irrigation system is in the vicinity of your pool site, they will have to be rerouted in order to make room for construction.

4. Access to the yard – The construction team needs an easily accessible location to enter and exit the construction site.

5. Slope of the yard – They slope of your yard affects the construction process of your pool. If you have a very steep yard that slopes off, it may cost more to install your pool.

6. Existing utilities – If there are existing utilities in the dig site, they will have to be moved to make way for your new pool.

Long Term Inground Pool Costs

1. Maintenance and Cleaning – Owning a pool requires regular maintenance and cleaning in order to keep your water clean and your pool healthy. You can choose to do your maintenance yourself or hire professional pool maintenance to service your pool on a regular basis. Either way, routine maintenance will be an ongoing expense for as long as you own your pool.

2. Homeowner’s Insurance – Typically standard home insurance will cover inground pools. However, it’s always smart to check with your insurance company prior to installing your pool. Depending on your coverage, you may need to add a personal umbrella policy (PUP) which can cover up to $1 million in damage.

Navigating the financial commitment of buying a pool can be challenging. That’s why it’s so important to work with a pool builder that you can trust to be clear and upfront with you about all potential costs.

At Blue Haven of Tulsa we offer a site analysis, design, and proposal at no cost to our customers before we even begin construction. We know that being prepared upfront creates better satisfaction in the long run, and it is our goal to build a pool that you will love for years to come.

Thinking of purchasing an inground pool in Tulsa? Contact us at Blue Haven Tulsa today.