Advantages of a Concrete Swimming Pool

A backyard with a circular shaped pool

A swimming pool is an investment that reaps great rewards, both in the value of your home and property, but also in the health and happiness of your family.

But what sort of swimming pool should you build? There are three types of inground pools: concrete, fiberglass, and vinyl. Here’s a look at the advantages of a concrete swimming pool.


Concrete swimming pools are the most durable of the three types of pools. A concrete pool:

  • lasts longer
  • will maintain better, and
  • returns more value to your home or property in most cases

 If you are concerned about your pool withstanding harsh conditions (especially cold) concrete is the way to go.

Great for All Climates

A concrete swimming pool will withstand the rigors of cold climates but it will also wear well under the warm sun and in climates where the ground has more sand and clay. Because of this versatility, concrete is the most popular choice for swimming pool construction.

In addition, concrete is more affordable in the south where it’s easier to make and cheaper. For that reason, if you are in the southern states it’s a wise decision to consider concrete.

Design Freedom

A concrete pool gives the homeowner a lot of flexibility in designing a pool that matches the decor of their home and backyard. Unlike a fiberglass pool which is fabricated in one piece and offered in a limited range of colors, a concrete pool can have tiling that will add color and personality to the swimming area. You can easily match the tiling of the patio and swimming deck surfaces.

True, concrete pools and decking take more maintenance and have to be resurfaced on average every 10-15 years, but the advantages from a design perspective are enormous.

Go Deep

An inground concrete pool can be built to almost any depth and in any shape. Have an odd-shaped area to fit your pool? No problem, a concrete pool can be designed to fit your available space. You have more freedom to design shallow and deep areas to fit the usage needs of you and your family. 


A concrete swimming pool is durable, works well in all temperate zones, and offers great structural and aesthetic design options.