5 Ways to Enjoy Your Hot Tub this Fall

how to enjoy your hot tub in the fall

Fall is in the air. As the weather cools down, and we don our cable knit sweaters and sip our pumpkin spiced lattes, we say goodbye to hot summer days by the pool.

Not so fast! It may be too cool for the pool, but fall is the perfect time to enjoy your hot tub before closing up shop for the winter.

Here are five ways to enjoy your hot tub this fall:

1. Hot Apple Cider

Nothing says fall like hot apple cider, and what better way to enjoy it than outside in the crisp fall air? This hot apple cider recipe is quick and easy, and perfect for a chilly fall evening in the hot tub.

Here’s what you’ll need:

  • 6 cups apple cider
  • 1/4 cups brown sugar
  • ½ teaspoon whole cloves
  • 1/4 teaspoon allspice
  • 3 cinnamon sticks
  • Dark rum (optional)
  1. Add all ingredients to a large saucepan over moderate heat. If desired, add dark rum to taste.
  2. Let sit for 5-10 minutes, until cider is very hot. Do not boil.
  3. Ladle into mugs and add a fresh cinnamon stick to garnish.
  4. Serve up your homemade hot apple cider in the hot tub and enjoy!

2. Haunted Hot Tub Party

Summer is over, but that doesn’t mean patio parties have to come to a screeching halt. Instead, switch out the classic pool party for a haunted hot tub party.

Use smoke machines, red dye, and spooky décor to transform your hot tub into the perfect haunted setting for your next Halloween party. For more details, check out our three ways to use your hot tub for Halloween. Add to the fun with some family-friendly, fall-themed games like bobbing for apples, pumpkin decorating, and a Halloween costume contest.

Of course, don’t forget the food! Caramel apples, candy corn, and pumpkin cookies are the perfect sweets for a Halloween party. If you’re really feeling committed, check out these 54 Spooky and Sweet Halloween Treats from Country Living.

3. Scary Movie Night

Fall is the best time of year to snuggle up under a blanket and watch a scary movie. This year, change it up with a scary movie marathon in your hot tub. Experience your favorite Halloween thriller in a whole new way, with a spooky midnight showing in your backyard. Or pop in a Halloween classic for the whole family to enjoy.

To really set the stage for an epic movie night like no other, use a projector to display your movie drive-in style. Here’s what you’ll need to pull it off:

  • Projector
  • Laptop or media player (hooked up to the projector)
  • Bluetooth wireless speaker
  • Large white sheet (ironed and securely fastened)

4. Aromatherapy

With back-to-school just behind us and the holidays ahead, we all could use a little me time. Aromatherapy is a relaxing, holistic practice designed to balance and promote the health of the body, mind, and spirit. Even if you’re not into natural medicine, soaking in a hot tub of lavender doesn’t sound horrible.

An added bonus is that aromatherapy naturally boosts the immune system, making it a great preventative medicine as the dreaded cold and flu season approaches.

Are you ready to give it a try? Get started with our favorite aromatherapies:

  • Eucalyptus globulus – decongestant, ideal for cold and flu season
  • Frankincense – boosts immune system and soothes inflamed skin
  • Lavender – reduces anxiety and soothes itchiness from bug bites
  • Peppermint – relieves nausea and muscle aches

Try inSPAration for aromatherapies designed specifically for hot tubs and spas.

5. Get Outdoors and Enjoy Nature

Whether it’s stargazing, bird watching, or simply admiring the fall foliage, get outside and enjoy the fresh air and beauty of fall. Forget the sweater and jacket. You can experience the great outdoors from the comfort of your own backyard and the warmth of your hot tub.

Expert tip: After your next fall hike or flag football game, have some R&R in your hot tub. Your body will thank you!

This is the perfect time of year to soak up the last few weeks of your pool and spa before closing everything up for winter. Don’t forget to consult the professionals at Blue Haven Pools and Spas, for tips and best practices for closing up your pool and spa for winter