3 Ways to Use Your Hot Tub for Halloween

Jack-o'-lanterns around a hot tub

All Hallows Eve is upon us – a time for trick-or-treating, carving jack-o’-lanterns, exploring haunted houses, lighting bonfires and, of course, costume parties!

So on this spooky night, why not add a twist to typical Halloween party by incorporating your hot tub?

You can center an entire theme around your hot tub and ask attendees to dress in aquatic costumes. Olympian swimmers, mermaids, scuba divers,. Aqua Man – you can even throw in Princess Leia with her iconic gold bikini.

Regardless of whether or not you choose to hop in your hot tub on the chilly, fall evening, there are plenty of ways to utilize your backyard space, creating more room for your guests and more opportunities for you to thrill them. 


Add red dye to your pool or hot tub to create a bloody scene. Party Pool!, LLC. has formulated a dye designed as a pool additive that will not stain your tiles or your guests clothes. Just pour it in according to the instructions and it will filter out within a few days.


Make your water extra eerie by adding smoke machines near the surface level. The fog will not only make your water look creepier, it will also enhance the other lighting in your backyard. The floating skeleton is a nice touch as well. You can pick one up on Amazon for under $75.


Haunt the pool with floating jack-o’-lanterns. Stop by your local craft store or order Fun-kins (fake pumpkins) online. They average between $20 – $40 per pumpkin, but because they are made from low-density polyurethane foam, they’ll last for years.  Once you’ve carved them, just add a battery operated tealight and set them adrift. For a cheaper option, grab some plastic jack-o’-lantern trick-or-treat buckets and add an LED tealight.

While we recommend using your hot tub and pool to enhance your Halloween party, it’s very important to make sure the area is safe. Be sure the area around the pool is well lit and, if there are children attending, consider setting up a safety fence.

Happy Halloween!