2015 Family Swimsuit Trends

A family enjoying the sun on a deck

Summer will be here before you know it, making this a perfect time to get new swimwear for everyone in your family. If you don’t want to settle for traditional swimsuits and accessories, go shopping with this year’s trends in mind. You’ll find a great selection of exciting options for you, your spouse and your kids.


Swimwear trends for 2015 offer a wide range of cuts, styles and patterns to choose from. Whether you prefer an understated one-piece suit with a flattering cut or a bright, vividly colored bikini, you’ll find the right swimwear among this year’s hottest trends. These are just a few of the trends available this season:

  • Prints and Patterns: Maaji SwimwearFrankie Swimwear and Suboo are all offering an impressive variety of printed and patterned swimsuits. Go for a retro look with tie-dye prints, or choose something more whimsical such as a polka dotted bikini. You’ll also come across animal prints, abstract patterns, nature-themed prints and soft floral patterns. 
  • Monochrome: These swimsuits and bikinis offer a classy, timeless style that suits any figure. Choose a classic black one-piece for an elegant look, or search for a pretty pastel colored bikini. These suits, which are also available in white and neutral tones, come in several different cuts, making it easy for you to find the ideal suit.
  • Sporty chic: Swimwear inspired by athletic designs offers stylish, comfortable options for swimming or lounging by the poolside. These suits have features you would normally see on workout clothes, including neoprene material, zippers and slogans. Caffe SwimwearWildfox and Luli Fama all have sporty chic swimwear available in a variety of pastel colors. 


While swimwear trends aren’t as varied for men as they are for women, you can still find some to choose from. To give you an idea of what’s available for your spouse, here are a couple 2015 trends:

  • Bright prints: Eye-catching colors are replacing more conventional black, navy and other monochromatic color schemes on men’s swimwear this year. Sauvage makes a variety of swim trunks in vivid designs and patterns. 
  • Retro styles: Retro styles inspired by Mad Men and James Bond are back in fashion this year. Featuring patterns and colors right from the 1960s, these swim trunks offer a vintage appeal in addition to being stylish. Mr. PorterBonobos and J. Crew all have great selections of these retro above-the-knee boardshorts.  


Toddlers’ swimwear often focuses on function, not just style. Some of the trends for 2015 reflect this. While shopping for your kids, keep the following trends in mind:

  • UV protection: Swimwear designers are well aware that children should be protected from the sun’s rays, which explains the growing trend of adding UV protection. These suits, which are available in a variety of styles for boys and girls, feature UPF 50+ material, giving your child extra protection from the sun. TugaCabana Life and L. L. Bean all offer toddler swimsuits for boys and girls with UV protection.
  • Bold patterns: Boys’ swim trunks made by Carter’s and Nautica reflect this year’s bold color trend. These trunks are covered with brightly colored, large-print patterns, which makes it easier for you to keep an eye on your child. For girls, swimsuits in vivid patterns and prints are also available from Carter’s and Tucker and Tate.
  • Rash guards: Rash guards help your child enjoy swimming in comfort. This year’s selection of design trends for kids includes coverups, boys’ swim trunks and girls’ swimsuits that double as rash guards for added protection from skin irritation and sunburn. Kanu Surf is one of many retailers that make this type of swimwear.

Ages 7-12

Swimwear trends for older kids are similar to those for toddlers:

  • UV protection and rash guards: These are among the most common features you’ll find this year. Cabana Life and Athleta have a wide range of swimsuits and trunks available for boys and girls. 
  • Bright colors and vivid patterns: As far as colors and patterns, bright and bold ones are in for boys and girls in this age group, too. Girls’ swimwear from BillabongDKNY and Kanu Surf reflects a slightly more sophisticated style than toddler swimwear, although the colors are still on the bold side.